What is overactive bladder (OAB)?

OAB is the name of a group of urinary symptoms relating to improper bladder-storage function. It involves frequent and urgent urges to urinate, with or without incontinence.1,2

OAB is characterized by:

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suddenly needing to
empty your bladder

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having to empty your bladder more than usual

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Urgency incontinence:
not being able to control
when you empty your bladder

Is OAB common?

In Canada, a survey indicated that OAB affects more than...3*

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1 in 7 men

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1 in 5 women

* A computer-assisted telephone interview [CATI] system survey of 3,249 Canadians, 35 years of age or older, determined that OAB occurred in 18.5% of Canadians overall, with 14.7% of men and 21.3% of women.3

You are not alone. Ask your healthcare provider for more guidance on OAB symptom management.


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